Singapore Good Design Awards - 2018

Congratulations to Tay Yanling, and the TA.LE Architects team for their win at the Singapore Good Design Awards - 2018.  


Their Propeller workstations were a joy to photograph because they were visually striking and just cried out to be photograhed.  My panoramic style worked particularly well with the product.

tale 1.jpg

I know, as a photographer, I am the one who comes in at the very last minute, after all the hard work has been done, who spends a few breezy hours taking photographs.  But I like to think my little contribution helps my client's achieve their goals, to help them tell the world about their efforts.  So when I see client's being recognised for their talent, it gives me a warm glow inside.

tale architects.jpg

If you do happen to win an award using my images, do let me know!  I love celebrating our little successes, wherever we can find them.  

You can read more about their beautiful fit-out at the TA.LE Architects website.

tale architects 2.jpg
2 tale architects.jpg
3 tale architects 2.jpg
4 tale architects.jpg
5 tale architects.jpg
6 tale architects 2.jpg