A Part of the Family - Hilton Singapore

I have the best job. 


I get to visit different companies, and experience unique things every day - it's the perfect job for someone curious like me..


Sometimes I get to work with the same company regularly.  And sometimes I become a part of the corporate family.  I get to invent their concepts and their look with them, and then I continue to be consistent with that feel.  Sometimes we become so familiar with the marketing team that we talk in short-hand, because we understand each other, and what needs to be done.


This is the relationship I have with Hilton Singapore.  We work together every few months to create new images for their image library and to promote new dishes.  We catch up on each other's news, I find out the ins and outs of the hotel's fortunes, and we make beautiful images together.


I stumbled on their social site today, and was inspired to share some of the things we have done in the last few years - including at least two mothers days!