Sometimes you need a photographer.

A good one. 

Who listens.

And makes an effort to understand your needs.

Who's brimming with creative ideas. 

Who collaborates with you, to tell your story. 


That photographer could be me.

Nice to meet you...

I have been a full-time commercial photographer for 15 years.


I shoot mainly architecture, food and people because this is what I am good at, and passionate about.


This handy combination means I can do most things - I can work with people, but I can also handle the technical stuff.


I can shoot an entire hotel from its rooms to its service staff and restaurants.

Or I can shoot an oil rig.



Different photographers have different work styles.


My style is fast, client-focused and efficient. Yet creative and thoughtful.


My commercial jobs  are very brand and end-result focused.

This means that every shot is carefully considered through the filter of what the purpose is.

It's usually to sell more things - which is my job. 


And I am okay with that.




I approach most jobs with a cool head and a burning passion.


I am laid-back, but focused.


I love having a laugh on set - but not at the expense of the final images.


 I want to create images that my clients can use, That have a purpose.


I am creative...but I don't go off and do "my own thing" without consulting with the client first - if you want a hipster, I may not be your guy.


I am happiest when a client calls me back for that second shoot - then I know I did something right!


Still here? 


Drop me an email.